• Under the Sea

    A casual acrylic bracelet perfect for those days on the beach or for days when you wish you were at the beach!

    Under the Sea
  • Stainless Steel Tag – Adult

    Tags can be purchased separately here.

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    Stainless Steel Tag – Adult
  • Spring Showers Bring Flowers!

    A stylish bracelet made for all women of all ages! Perfect with your trendy spring time outfit!

    Spring Showers Bring Flowers!
  • Green Turtle, Blue Turtle for Girls

    Green Turtle, Blue Turtle. Choose one or two turtles in your choice of colors. Even add some pastel beads to make this an acrylic bracelet a little girl will love.

    Green Turtle, Blue Turtle for Girls
  • Two Hearts

    Two hearts beating as one.  This is a great designer bracelet for your perfect love.

    Two Hearts
  • Fire and Ice

    A beautiful red glass bracelet laced with filigree of gold. Sure to enhance any red, black or gray outfit. No one will know you are wearing a medical id. It resembles a piece of fine jewelry.

    Fire and Ice
  • Go Golf!

    A manly bracelet made for on and off the green!

    Go Golf!
  • Au Natural

    This bracelet is made of natural stones and beads.  The lovely browns, oranges, and purples compliment so many outfits.  For the woman who enjoys those warm earth tones.  Great as a regular bracelet or a Medical ID.

    Au Natural
  • All Sports

    Can’t decide which sport you prefer? Try this acrylic bracelet….baseball, basketball, and soccer are all represented. Add your name or initials for that individual touch.

    All Sports
  • Personalized Bracelet

    This stylish bracelet can be customized with YOUR name or even a pet or child’s name

    Personalized Bracelet
  • Jewels

    Wonderful Swarovski crystal bracelet in jewel-tone colors that will match so many of your casual and more dressy outfits. This bracelet can be made with multi-colored jewels or with varying tone of one color. It is embellished with silver spacers that just add to it’s elegance.

  • Basketball for Kids

    What is winter without our favorite sport–basketball? Your child can be protected with this acrylic, less breakable medical id and root for his favorite team at the same time. Can be made in team colors and with team name (dependent on size).

    Basketball for Kids
  • Confetti for Little Girls

    Great as a regular bracelet or a Medical ID.

    Confetti for Little Girls
  • Orange is the New Pink!

    A stylish bracelet made for all ages. The gold beads really make this medical ID bracelet stand out!

    Orange is the New Pink!
  • Confetti

    Just a fun little bracelet with lots of pink and white and some splashes of purple.

  • Wrap Bracelet

    A stylish bracelet that all teenagers like to wear.  This one just adds safety to style.  Available in a variety of colors including tie-dyed.  Please contact us for your color choice.

    Wrap Bracelet
  • Flower Power

    A wonderful glass and mil fiori bracelet for the young woman who celebrates the flower power in her life. Can be made in reds, yellows, blues, and greens. Choose one that complements your favorite wardrobe.

    Flower Power
  • Personalized Bracelet

    This stylish bracelet can be customized with YOUR name or even a pet or child’s name.

    Personalized Bracelet
  • Graphite

    A masculine bracelet that any man would be happy to wear! Made with graphite and sterling silver this medical id is just another fine piece of man jewelry.

  • Going Green

    For the girl who lives ‘green’. A green bracelet made with Swarovski elements and glass beads. This bracelet could be made in blue, pink, yellow, lavender or a color of your choice. Great for a regular bracelet or a Medical IDs.

    Going Green
  • Seahorse for Girls

    This acrylic bracelet is for that child who so enjoys finding a seahorse down at the seashore. Your child will forget that this is also a medical id.

    Seahorse for Girls
  • Blue Jeans for Girls

    Did you even wonder what to wear with your jeans? We have just the bracelet –a duel strand bracelet made with Swarovski elements and glass beads. Great as a regular bracelet or a Medical ID.

    Blue Jeans for Girls
  • Brown Fish

    This is for the little boy who usually has a rock or a turtle in either hand. Now he’ll have a medical id that he won’t mind wearing. This acrylic bracelet is made with the little boy in mind.

    Brown Fish
  • Pink Pandy

    This bracelet is for the woman who is a modern, trend-setter. Can be make with two or three ‘big’ beads and/or beads of pink, white, purple, blue and orange. A truly modern bracelet to enhance a stylish wardrobe.

    Pink Pandy
  • Orange you blue

    This stylish bracelet was designed just in time for Valentine’s Day!

    Orange you blue
  • Blue Jeans

    Did you ever wonder what medical id would enhance your casual days? Blue jeans is for you. Made of Swarovski crystals and glass beads, this double stranded bracelet makes your casual days just a bit more elegant.

    Blue Jeans
  • Basketball

    For the man (or woman) who just loves basketball. This bracelet can be made with beads of YOUR team color and name or initials.

  • LollyPop

    For the little girl who just loves her pastel colors! Each bracelet is slightly different, but each is embellished with a sterling silver star! What little girl wouldn’t enjoy wearing this one!

  • Green Turtle, Blue Turtle for Boys

    This wonderful turtle made out of acrylic beads can be made in either green or blue. A bracelet any child would love to wear.

    Green Turtle, Blue Turtle for Boys
  • Spooky

    Enjoy the Halloween season with this spooky medical ID bracelet. Scare others while keeping yourself safe!


Amy's Elegant IDs has the answer.

We make medical identification bracelets that are as attractive to wear as they are necessary and functional. They are affordable, interchangeable, and can grow with your child.

Our mission is to make you look good... and DO good. We give a portion of all proceeds to non-profit medical organizations such as:

  • Komen for the Cure
  • The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • the Colon Cancer Coalition
  • and the CT Challenge for Cancer Survivors among others.

All of these organizations help serve the medical needs of people in our communities.

Our bracelets are not just for people who need medical IDs. Our designs look good and do good for all. We also make bracelets for people who do not need a medical tag.

Choose one of our many designs or design your own. Amy’s Elegant IDs wants you to look your best.